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At Amsterdam Betshop we have a comprehensive range of casino tables including Baccarat, Poker & Roulette tables.

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At Amsterdam Betshop we have a comprehensive range of casino equipment for professional or personnel use.

About Us

We are an online casino furniture site, along with standard and bespoke casino tables we can provide unique casino tables.

Famous Betting Tables in Casinos

Famous betting tables come in many different styles. The quality of our craftsmanship on betting tables is our priority. The blackjack tables for sale on our site are much more than just a place to play cards. They also hold some visual appeal and are suitable for either commercial or needs of each customer. We want to see smiles on the faces of players as they throw cards on our well-built and robust tables. For a better playing experience, tables should be at the desired height, having an ideal viewing area for laying cards and chips. Roulette tables to buy on our site have the same high-quality features, and we guarantee that our roulette equipment will be the perfect accessory to our tables.

famous betting tables

Buy Or Rent From Us

At, we provide the best famous betting tables for rent or purchase. We got roulette tables to buy, as well as poker tables, baccarat tables and blackjack tables. Whether you are buying for a casino or renting for an event, we got you covered. We offer several payment options available to enable aave a smooth transaction. With our great customer service, we will help you choose the best options for you, and you’ll ne sure to get value. Don’t delay and choose a table that works for you. We will ensure that our famous casino tables are delivered, installed and be ready for some laughs and plenty of entertainment with friends. We will also have your commercial operation up and running as quickly as possible. For more buying and rental information, just contact us.

Learn About Our Famous Betting Tables And Betting Table Types

Find quality and famous betting tables. Order now and start playing.

Famous Betting Tables

Tables For Poker

Poker tables are one of our most popular items due to the growing popularity of the game at home, online and at real casinos. We pride ourselves on the look and quality of our tables. We also consider the fabric, legs, colour and style carefully. Our tables can seat as many players as you wish, and we have spent hours thinking about the height and ergonomics of our poker tables. If you want to know more about our reputation for the best poker equipment like tables, chairs, cards and chips, then look at our about page.

Tables For Baccarat

Our Baccarat tables look fantastic and last for many years of play. Our tables are strong and have a stable playing area to avoid any breakage from players leaning on them. Their locking metal chip trays and quality billiard cloth are difficult to rip and removable padded armrests are a popular choice among buyers. The layout and colour are also an important visual feature. Moreover, you should think about the height and number of players before purchasing a Baccarat table.

famous betting tables
famous betting tables

Tables For Blackjack

Many companies out there provide Blackjack tables. However, do they offer the same quality as our famous betting tables? We give great importance to the features of your table like the height, comfort, stability and quality when you buy casino equipment from us. In addition, we make sure that you walk away with Blackjack supplies, cut cards, drop boxes, folding Blackjack tables, stationery, and toke boxes. Feel comfortable when you are playing for hours with our Blackjack equipment. It is safe to say that it will be affordable, high quality and supported by our service and guarantee.

Customer Service at AmsterdamBetShop

We value all our customer’s needs, so we offer many ways for you to contact us. Don’t hesitate to chat with us; every customer inquiry promptly gets our full attention. Our staff are specialists in casino equipment and will advise you about the best quality products that are just right for you.

Contact us for more information about delivery, installation and our warranty. We will make sure that your commercial or private equipment will be the best quality that can also meet your storage or space requirements. Our quality is matched by our service guarantee so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Top Tips For Selecting The Right Betting Tables

Aside from stability and height, betting tables also need to have quality and strong fabric with clear and designated areas for chips and laying bets. The choice of extra features depends on you, the buyer, preferences. Having drink holders, chip trays, shuffle boxes or foot rests are an added bonus in any tables.

At we have all kinds of tables available to the public as well as casinos and other commercial operations. You can be assured that our products are high-quality because the team is knowledgeable and loves casino equipment. The employees are both players and professionals so they can speak a language that players understand. This is important because players come to us from many backgrounds with particular needs.

The betting tables have been researched and tested for comfort, customers choosing our tables are assured of its quality. This makes choosing Baccarat, Poker and Blackjack products easy and enjoyable for our customers.

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